If you arrive during the arrival week. Read this before you go:

Travel and arrival information

If you arrive by car. Also read this:

If you arrive by car

We will pick up everyone that arrives during the arrival week. Even if you arrive late in the evening.

If you arrive after the arrival week we will send out more information soon.

A few highlights from Travel and arrival information that we don't want you to miss:

Remember that you need to pick up your bags at Stockholm Arlanda Airport and check them in again. Only if you fly Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) or Norwegian and have luggage that was already checked through to Luleå don't you need to pick up your luggage. A lot of other airlines promise your luggage will get checked through to Luleå but this is not correct. At Stockholm Arlanda Airport everybody has to pick up their bags and check them in again unless you fly with same airline all the way. THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT. If you forget, your bags will only arrive with a later flight and you will have to pick them up yourself at the airport.

Problems that can turn up and what to do

Your bags get delayed or lost: We will help you take care of it at the airport. If they are delayed they usually arrive with the next flight and are sent to you by taxi. We will give them your new address in Luleå. If this happens earlier and you don't have a working number you can give them David's +46 70 059 83 69. If necessary you can also give them the address to the university. Here it is:


your name

c/o International Office

Lulea University of Technology

SE-971 87 Lulea



There is no one to meet you at airport, train station or bus station: Wait until you have received your bags and then a few more minutes. There are a lot of students arriving every day so sometimes we get a little late. If still no one has showed up you should call David. If you don't have a mobile with you find a pay-phone, a wi-fi connection or ask the airport staff for help. So if you have not already, write David's number down now!

+46 70 059 83 69

If there are any changes or delays please let us know. Use the arrival form if possible. You can also email us: [email protected] or send an SMS text message to David: +46 70 059 83 69.


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Safe Travels and see you in Luleå!

The LURC Team