Luleå University of Technology does its best to make sure that all Exchange students on university exchange programmes and Master’s students who pay tuition fees or hold tuition fee waiver/scholarship receive housing during their time of study. However, this only extends for a reasonable time and it is your obligation to inform them of your arrival, and of the fact that you require accommodation. 


For all other International students that are not guaranteed accommodation, we recommend starting looking for an accommodation as early as possible. For more information see the "Guide to housing in Luleå for International Students" linked below.


Guide to housing in Luleå for International Students

For more information and deadlines: See LTU's website


Got questions regarding housing? Please send all questions to LTU's Exchange Student Housing Coordinator at [email protected]   



The easiest way for you to travel from Stockholm to Lulea is either by plane or train. The plane flight here takes little more than an hour and costs from 400 SEK. There are two airlines flying from Stockholm to Lulea, SAS and Norwegian. On their web pages, you will find more information. With SAS remember to book a youth ticket if you are younger than 26 years old. If you want to travel by train this costs from 500 SEK and will take you about 15 hours. The train company is called SJ. If you are younger than 26 years old you get a discount on the train too.

To get the best price, book your trip as soon as possible.

You can only book a Youth ticket from SAS' Swedish website which is available in english. You should not book a Student ticket, it is only available for Swedish students. Youth ticket gives you the same discounts and can be booked until the day you turn 26.

Link to a snapshot of SAS' website.


Mobile phone: The easiest and cheapest way to make phone calls is to use a mobile phone. You can bring your own mobile and we will provide you with a Swedish SIM-card free of charge. However, there will be initial costs.

Since the cost for data-roaming has been abolished within the EU, it might be easier/cheaper to keep your current SIM-card than switching to a Swedish one if you have a SIM-card from the EU.

You can also buy a new mobile phone here for a reasonable price.

Landline phone: Not recommended due to the high initial costs of getting a contract and a phone. It is easiest to use a mobile phone locally and VOIP-services like Skype for international calls.

E-mail: You will get an e-mail address from the University when you arrive. It is important that you check this e-mail account since all information from LURC, the International office and your teachers will be sent to this address.

Internet connection in your accommodation: All accommodations include an Internet connection. It is a broadband connection (10/10 Mbit) and it will be working when you arrive, no log-in.

The internet service may however vary, and you might need a network cable and/or router.

Computers and Internet connection at the university: When you arrive you will receive a user account for the university computers. After activating the account you will have access to all computers in the library as well as the computer labs provided by your department. If you bring your own laptop there is a wireless connection (Wi-Fi) in all university buildings. There are also a lot of network outlets, especially in the library, if you do not have a wireless. To use the wireless network or network outlets you need to have activated your account. You will be able to do the activation after you have arrived. LTU is part of The Eduroam initiative, so if your home university is also a part of Eduroam you can get online with the credentials from your home university.

Money: Cash, Cards and Banks

In Sweden, you can pay by credit/debit card everywhere but we also recommend you to bring some Swedish cash, for convenience and as a backup, maybe 500-1000 SEK. Do not rely on one single means of payment. For larger payments such as the rent, we recommend you to pay by credit card or online bank transfer. You will find several cash points/ATMs in the city centre as well as on campus. You will need between 12 500 and 19 000 SEK for the rent, this is to paid during the first weeks here. You will also need money for food and activities and for expenses regarding your studies, for example, books.

The banks in Lulea are in the city centre and most of them are only open Monday through Friday 09:00-16.00, some banks have different opening hours. Make sure that you have some cash when you arrive in Lulea (about 500 SEK). There are exchange offices at the airports in Stockholm (Arlanda) and in Luleå city centre where you can exchange money or cash your traveller’s checks.

Credit cards: Accepted cards in Sweden are MasterCard, Visa, Eurocard, Diners Club and American Express. Try to get a card that can be used in the automatic teller machines (ATM).

Traveller’s check: The banks charge from 15 SEK per check to cash them.

Living expenses budget

To give you an idea of the cost of living in Sweden the following budget example might be of help:

Food    2400 
Accommodation    3000-3600
Course literature and study material    800 
Mobile    100 
Local travel    200 
Medical and personal care    200 
Clothes, hobbies and amusements    800 
TOTAL   7500-8100


Your timetable is done in TimeEdit.

On the Student web you can find more, related information.

More information

Please send an e-mail to the correct person for more info (most questions can be sent to [email protected])