Hey guys! Yes……. A new TRIVIA NIGHT is happening (3RD EDITION)! AND IT WILL BE HELD SUNDAY DECEMBER 2ND AT 8PM in A-building, room 3101A.

As some of you may already know, this night activity will consist of competing with groups of 4-5 people answering questions regarding 5 different categories:
1) Music/Literature/Art
2) Geography/History/Politics 
3) Science/Nature/Medicine
4) Sports/Hobbies
5) Random

It will go as simple as this: every correct answer will receive a point. And you will have 10 questions per category. At the end, there will be a BONUS ROUND as a tiebreaker! 

In addition, in this edition we are so happy to announce that there will be also a new special category called: CHRISTMAS BONUS with an amazing Christmas-prize!!!!!!! Yes… Christmas is coming! 

At the end of the game, the teams who come first, second and third in point will receive AWESOME PRIZES!!!!!! 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: It is important that you get registered on time since there will be a maximum of 10 teams taking part in! You can find the excel link in the group.

Sign up link: goo.gl/mja2nK

SAVE THE DATE: SUNDAY DECEMBER 2ND AT 8PM in A-building, room 3101A.

// Your hosts Mariona & Bernardo

02/12/2018 - 20:00