Have you been dreaming of having a Swedish boyfriend? Then you have the chance to meet flirty Oskar the moose who loves kisses

The anticipated trip to the Moose Farm is approaching, and therefore LURC invites you to join on a short bus trip (approx. 1.5h) just north of a small village called Överkalix.
The farm allows you to take pictures, feed and learn more about the king of the forest – the Swedish moose! Experience the Sami culture and who knows, maybe there will even be some unique moose kissing involved! 

If you want to feed the mooses bring carrots, apples and bananas for flirty Oskar 

Don't miss out on the chance to see perhaps the most majestic creature on earth (at least in Sweden)!

- Bus ticket to and from Arctic Moose Farm 
- Ticket to the Moose Farm 
- Fika with some Sami stories 
- And of course, an awesome moosey experience! 

Time and date:
Leaving Luleå the 6th of October at 10:00
Returning around 16:00

ESN-card holders: 235 SEK.
Others: 275 SEK.

Some tips from Claudia (the girl in the picture):
How to fall in love with a moose
Step 1: Choose the handsome one
Step 2: Call his attention
Step 3: Make eye contact
Step 4: Talk a little bit
Step 5: Pretend you wanna kiss him but you don't do it at first
Step 6: Confess your love
Step 7: Let the love do the rest

Meeting time: 10:00 at Teknikens Hus, pls be in time 

06/10/2019 - 10:00 to 16:00