Time flies and this amazing semester is coming to an end. As many of you are soon leaving Luleå we want to have one last dinner together to create some final epic memories and celebrate. 

Secret location, more updates are coming ;) 

What to eat?
Coming soon….

How to dress up?
The theme is "Animals” so dress up as your favourite animal and be creative 

How much?
The exact price is not settled at the moment, we are still working on it. 
The payment link will be posted as soon as it has been decided! 

What else?
There will be a stage available to us, and we cannot wait to see the funny performance that you will do! Feel free to do anything you would like to make this dinner special!
This event is open to the exchange students, international students and also our beloved buddies!

For further, updated information: check our facebook-event!

25/05/2019 - 20:00 to 23:00