Hello dear friends!
The semester is quickly coming to an end and many of you will soon leave Luleå
In order to say a last goodbye to the friends you have made during your stay here, LURC invites you to attend the beloved Farewell Dinner!

When? 14/12 starting at 19.30
Where? At STUK
What? An awesome night with entertainment, good company and a delicious dinner.

And most importantly, the theme for the dinner is: "Oops, I'm at the wrong place!"
So be creative and interpret the theme however you want when choosing what to wear!

We would love if as many of you as possible would do some kind of performance during the night! This is a great opportunity to show off any skill, talent or superpower that you might have. So you better start practicing

The tickets will be available soon and will include a main course, dessert, a drinking ticket and a great evening!

Hope to see you there! Lots of love!

14/12/2019 - 19:30