Hejsan! Time flies, it is almost December and many of you will soon leave Luleå. Let's have a final big fat party, create some final epic memories and celebrate that we all have a amazing friends to visit around the globe!

The Farewell Dinner will be held at the famous STUK restaurant at the university.

What to eat?
Main – Tacobuffé
Dessert – Swedish kladdkaka and coffee
The menu can also be adapted to your allergies or food preferences (vegan, glutenfree...)

How to dress up?
The theme is "Pimp my T-shirt"! We all wear a white T-shirt and everybody write something on others T-shirt! It's a nice dresscode that will let us a souvenir of this dinner ♥
BYOWTS (Bring Your Own White T-Shirt)
We will provide textile pens to make this day memorable, but you can also bring yours if you would like a special color!

How much?
The exact price is not settled at the moment and will depend on the number of students interested by the dinner. Tell us your participation on the facebook event!
The payment link will be posted in the facebook-event as soon as it has been created.

What else?
There will be a stage available to us, and we cannot wait to see the funny performance that you will do! Feel free to do anything you would like to make this dinner special!

This event is open to the exchange students, international students and also our beloved buddies!

15/12/2018 - 19:00