The time for the Food Festival has finally come! And because it's December and everyne in Sweden is crazy about christmas, we decided to do a special edition with christmas food! During the festival we will fill our tummies with all kinds of interesting delights from around the world, and win prizes for our mad cooking skills!

When: Wednesday December 5th at 19:00
Where: A3101A and A3101C, A-building.

What to bring?
Bring a dish of your choice from your home country! The best will be to bring typical christmas food!
Also, please bring anything you need to serve your food with. 

LURC will provide plates, cutlery, napkins and flags. 

What are the rules?
The dish should be enough for approximately 8 people in order for everyone getting a chance to try it!

Teams of maximum 4 people are allowed, just make sure you bring more food in that case! ;)

How to sign up?
Sign yourself or your team up using this link:

Good to know:
There are microwaves available nearby in case you need to heat things up, but no ovens.

The food will be laid out buffet style by country. Each country table/tables will have an area for main course, desserts but also vegetarian/vegan dishes.

Determined by a vote among all the participants, the best tasting main course, dessert and vegetarian/vegan dish will each win a gift basket á la Sweden!

Due to alcohol regulations we are not allowed to bring in any alcohol. 

Please try to be on time since we don't want to start until everyone is there and so you'll have enough time to eat all the delicious dishes. 

Hope to see everyone there! :D
/ The LURC team

05/12/2018 - 19:00