Luleå University Reception Committee (LURC) / ESN-Luleå is a student organization responsible for taking care of all Exchange students and International students coming to Luleå University of Technology (LTU). 

The organisation consists of around 10 board members who are all students at LTU. They are working voluntarily to make all exchange students feel as welcome as possible! 

LURC/ESN-Luleå is a local section of ESN and ESN Sweden. As a member of ESN, LURC/ESN-Luleå works to improve the study abroad experience in general through different ESNprojects such as the ESN Survey and in Luleå in particular through our activities and close cooperation with the International Office at LTU.

LURC/ESN-Luleå also meets regularly with our sister organisations at other universities in Sweden and Europe.

The main activities LURC/ESN-Luleå organises is its Arrival Week, Orientation Period, social activities and trips throughout the semesters. We also provide information to make sure that your stay in Luleå and at LTU is as enjoyable as possible!

Through LURC/ESN-Luleå's Buddy Program, it is possible for all Exchange and International students to find a Swedish Buddy. A Buddy is a student at LTU who has volunteered to help the newly arrived Exchange & International students.