Housing via LTU

Luleå University of Technology does its best to make sure that all Exchange students on university exchange programmes and International Master’s students who pay tuition fees or hold tuition fee waiver/scholarship receive housing during their time of study, under the condition that the Application for Accommodation form is filled out.

AMASE students, Internship/Trainee students, and Ph.D. students are sadly not included.

Important: It is mandatory to send in a housing application even if you plan to find your own housing. You will have to inform the housing coordinator when you receive the application of your preferences or your decision to find accommodation on your own.

If you arrive during the Arrival Week, LURC/ESN-Luleå will assist you from when you arrive in Luleå to the University, where you will meet the Housing Coordinator to sign the contract and get your keys, to later help you to your new home. 

If you arrive outside of the Arrival Week, a special appointment has to be made.

Accommodation Options: 

Heimstaden: Porsögården Apartments

Lulebo: Väderleden Apartemnets

SBSS: Vänortsvägen Apartments   

More information

For more information and deadlines: See LTU's website or contact the housing coordinator. ​


Got questions regarding housing?

Please send all questions regarding housing to LTU's Exchange Student Housing Coordinator at [email protected]

Finding accommodation elsewhere

Seeking accommodation elsewhere? Here is an updated guide! https://www.ltu.se/cms_fs/1.89177!/file/A%20guide%20to%20housing.pdf