Luleå University Reception Committee (LURC) is a non-profit organization composed by around 12 voluntary members. All of whom, are students at Luleå University of Technology (LTU).

LURC was founded on January 1st 1998 but is nowadays also part of a large, Europe-wide network called Erasmus Student Network (ESN), but then under the name ESN-Luleå. 

ESN is a non-proft organization, whose main goal is to enrich society through promoting mobility. The two main ideas for achieving this could be phrased as "Unity in diversity", and "Students helping students".

In the chain of ESN, LURC / ESN-Luleå is a so-called local section, but the network operates on 3 levels: local, national, and international. 

LURC / ESN-Luleå has its focus mainly on the international students coming to Luleå, but every now-and-then some of our board members attend events of ESN Sweden on the national level, where they can mingle and exchange ideas with other local sections' board members from Sweden. Also, once a year the same happens with the participation of the entire network from all over Europe, during ESN's Annual General Meeting.

You can read more about the national and international levels on the websites of ESN Sweden, and ESN International.