If you arrive outside of the Arrival Week, we will sadly not be able to provide you with our arrival service when you arrive.

After you have arrived in Luleå you may want to get in contact with us to get the welcome bag with all the information and how to join the activities. For this we will have meet-ups at the university once or twice per day. We will schedule these depending on when people are arriving and we will send out the schedule the first day of the arrival week.

How to get from the airport to the city centre and the university

There is a bus from the airport to town after every flight, bus number 4. You find it just outside the airport. Luleå airport (Kallax) is a small airport, there are no long distances to walk. The main bus stop in the city centre is called "Smedjegatan". If you are going to the office of Lulebo this is the nearest stop. The bus' final destination is the university. The main bus stopat the university is called "Porsö Centrum".

Sometimes in the evening only every second bus from the airport will go all the way to university. If this is the case you can go to the city centre "Smedjegatan" and change bus.

From "Smedjegatan" you can take bus 4, 5, 6, 7 or 14 to get to the university.

To go on the city buses costs about 29 SEK. A ticket is valid for 1,5 hour.