Arrival by Car

If you are arriving by car, we would like you to send us a text message when you pass the town of Skellefteå if you arrive from the south, or when you pass the town of Haparanda if you arrive from Finland.

We will wait for you at our temporary office at the university when you arrive. 

Free parking is available across the street from the entrance.


Driving Instructions

The road to take from Stockholm to Luleå is called E4 and this is the address to use for your GPS: Laboratorievägen 2, 977 54 Luleå. Otherwise, just simply search for Aula Aurora. 

Once at the University you should make your way to our temporary office at the University. We will let you know closer to the Arrial Week the exact location.

If you are lost, call us! +46 70 059 8369


Driving in Sweden

·      You must drive with headlights on 24 hours a day.

·      Follow speed limits; they are there for a reason and there are speed cameras everywhere. 

·      Near zero tolerance for alcohol (in Sweden you can't have a glass of wine or a beer and then drive).

·      All roads in Sweden are free.

·      Winter tires are mandatory if the conditions demand it and in Luleå between December and March, that's a given.

·      Take the animal warning signs seriously and be extra careful during dusk and dawn when the animals are on the move.

Speed limits (If there is no sign saying something different)

Cities: 50 km/h

Country roads: 70 km/h

Major roads: 90 km/h

Highways: 110 km/h


Parking at Accommodation

At most landlords parking is not included and you will need to reserve a parking spot. A parking spot costs about 200 SEK/month. There are usually also free parking spaces for visitors where you can have your car for 24 hours. However, that is not a permanent parking solution and you will get a fine if used for more than 24 hours.