The much anticipated trip to the Moose Farm is set to be on the 4th of March, and no, it's not a typo.. We are actually going on a trip to see the king of the forests, the Moose!

LURC invites you to come on a short bus trip to a moose park, located just north of Överkalix . The park allows you to take pictures with the moose, pet the moose and learn about the moose! And maybe there will even be some unique Moose kissing involved.. who knows ;) 

We know this sounds like it can't be true, but it is! Don't miss out on the chance to see perhaps the most majestic creature on earth!

We will spend 2 hours at the moose farm. Even though a small fika is included it might be good to bring something to eat on the trip, as we will be gone for some hours.

What will be included:
Bus to and from Arctic Moose Farm
Ticket to the Moose Farm
Fika with some Sami stories 
and of course,

An awesome moosey experience!

Trip details:
08:15 We meet at Teknikens hus
08:30 Bus departs to Arctic Moose Farm
10:00 Arrival at Arctic Moose Farm and the tour begins (approx. 2h)
12:30 Departure back to LTU
14:00 Arrival at Teknikens hus

Ticket price: 
Exchange students: 230 SEK
Buddies / Others: 290 SEK

Here is the link:

There is a limited amount of tickets, so don't wait for too long!

Hope to see you there! 
04/03/2018 - 08:15