Luleå University Reception Committee (LURC) is a non-profit organization composed by around 10 voluntary members. All of whom, are students at Luleå University of Technology (LTU).

LURC was founded on January 1st 1998 but is nowadays also a local section of ESN and ESN Sweden, but then with the name ESN-Luleå.

LURC is a local section of ESN and ESN Sweden. As a member of ESN we work to improve the study abroad experience in general through different ESNprojects such as the ESN Survey and in Luleå in particular through our activities and close cooperation with the International Office at LTU. We also meet regularly with our sister organisations at other universities in Sweden and Europe. This also means that as an exchange student in Luleå or active in LURC you will have the possibility to go on the very popular trip ESN Sea Battle.

We pick up new exchange students at the airport, arrange an orientation period, social activities and trips throughout the year. We also give out information like maps, bus timetables and how to get around at the university and downtown Luleå. We work closely with the Student Unions and the International office and we have our own office close to them.

In August about 250 new international students arrive and in January about 120.

We also help all exchange students find a Swedish Buddy. A Buddy is a student at LTU who has volunteered to help the newly arrived exchange students.