Below is information about a previous Winter Olympics. Deatils about the next one will be given when you are here.


Who will be this year´s Olympic champion? Who will get to go the party at Kafelino feeling like Charlotte Kalla?

When: Saturday 14th of March 10:00 to about 14:00
Where: Regnbågsallén between C and F-building
What to wear: Dress for snow activities

What is Winter Olympics:
At Winter Olympics you will compete in teams, preferably 5 persons per team. The competition includes things like ski walk, bag jumping, tug of war, snow saucer relay, throwing snowballs etc. There will be a BBQ where we serve hot dogs and hot drinks. Simply a day with heaps of fun!

How to sign up:
Come to fikas on Wednesdays 16:30 (starting today). To make things go smooth please try to have a team ready when you come to sign up. Otherwise we will make the teams. 

Price to join the Olympics: 30 SEK/person

There will be a nice prize ceremony after the games and at night we top it off with a great party downtown! What a day!

Facebook event!

After the olympics there will be party! WOO!

On Saturday the 14th of March we will have a private party at the bar/nightclub Kafelino. To get inside you will need a wristband, these will be sold at the fikas in Ljusgåden 16:30 on Wednesdays (starting today) for 20kr. Kafelino offers some special prices in the bar.

Beer 50cl: 40kr
Cider: 40kr
Wine: 40kr
Other drinks will be sold at Kafelino´s relatively cheap prices.

Theme of the night: Winter Olympics (If you are against winter sports, like Tom is, it is okay to come dressed in a toga. Kafelino is Greek restaurant after all)

Party starts at 22:00 and ends at 03:00

Kafelino can host about 160 guests so that is the amount of wristbands we will sell, do not wait until last minute to get it! Does this sound like a potentially super fun night? Are we excited!? Ooooh yeaaah!

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