On April 9th there is an opportunity for you to go and see the famous LKAB mine in Kiruna and the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi!

The LKAB mine in Kiruna is the world's largest underground iron ore mine and we are getting a guided tour! After the tour, there is a possibility to have lunch in Kiruna before we head over to the world famous Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, where we will also get a guided tour! :D

The ticket sale ends on Friday the 6 of April so be sure to get tickets it time!

Trip schedule:
05:45 The bus pick people up at Teknikens hus 
10:00-12.00 Arrival in LKAB and guided tour 
12.15 Departure from LKAB to Kiruna 
14.15 Departure from Kiruna 
14:45 Arrival at the Ice Hotel 
15:00 Guided tour of the Ice Hotel 
17:00 Transit to Kiruna for sightseeing 
19:00 Back to Luleå 
Around 23:00 Arrival in Luleå

Ticket price
International students at LTU: 450 SEK
Buddies and others: 690 SEK 

Link to payment form: https://www.ltu.se/_special-polopoly/FormArticle.htm?a=175404&l=en

If you pay at the students desk please bring your receipt! 

Don't forget to dress appropriately for the cold! 

See you there!